We Help Internationally Trained Doctors Work In Australia

At ARIMGSAS we proudly and competently support all IMGs. If you are migrating to Australia as a skilled doctor, we can provide support for all needs to help you gain your Australian Registration. We will guide you through every step to support you in achieving your goals.

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We have limited spots available in our MCQ Preparation Course which begins on the 4th of July. For just $3,000 you get access to our knowledgeable tutors and access to our vast array of materials to prepare you for AMC Part 1.
To enrol, download a form from here and send back to admin@imgaustralia.net.au or visit our MCQ Page

The next 10 Week Clinical Course begins on the 3rd of October
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The next AKT / KFP Course Begins 8th of October
The next OSCE Course Begins 5th of August
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Five Week Clinical Course

The ARIMGSAS 5 week Intensive Clinical Course is designed for candidates who have completed a 10 week course, but perhaps didn’t get all they believe they need and for those who already work as a GP, and simply need to freshen up on how the AMC exam is held. The 5 week course includes a formal trial exam and a casual trial exam to freshen up. At just $3500 it’s a sound investment.
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Seven Day Clinical Course

ARIMGSAS has a Seven Day Intensive Clinical Course especially for those who have their exams coming up. The next course starts on the 15th of June and finishes on the 21st of June. The price is just $750 for anyone who has completed a full paying course with us or $1500 for external students.
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Clinical Trial Exam

Next Exam (Formal) is on the 26th of August for just $600.
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PESCI Workshop
Next PESCI begins on the 25th of August
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Pre Empolyment Service
ARIMGSAS offers a Pre-Employment Service to students and non-students of ARIMGSAS. The services offered are CV Prepartaion, Job Interviewing Skills, Observership, and Assistance with Employment.
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Previous Students
Dr. Sumera Rehana
Dr. Sumera Rehana
A seemingly long and endless journey which sapped every single drop of my patience, at last came to halt. I am starting today as a GP in Shepparton. Earlier i have heard of the word "Struggle", but now I have been through it. But I'd like to thank Allah for always providing me the strength, my family specially my dear husband Rehan Malik for being so kind and supportive . A special thanks to my kids who have helped me achieve this, my entire family in Pakistan for being a pillar of support and last but not the least Dr Alan Roberts.
Andriy Hordiychuk
Andriy Hordiychuk
I want to say you a big thank you for your MCQ and Clinical courses! Thank you for encouraging me for hunting after unmatched HMO positions and be more active in that. I have gone a bit further and moved to Queensland untill I've got a job in Mount Isa Hospital. I've commenced my work a few weeks ago.
Dr. Dilum
Dr. Dilum
I moved to Melbourne a year back just after completing my internship, I had no clue from where to begin with. Thankfully that's when I found out about ARIMGSAS from a friend.I attended both MCQ and clinical courses, which no doubt helped me to pass both exams in a short period of time.We were guided very well with all necessary information including role plays and practice tests. Even after completing courses we were welcome to come in for study sessions and use available facilities which again was great.
Dr. Dishari Sakar
Dr. Dishari Sakar
"I would like to thank you once again. I have achieved another success. I have got a very good feedback from all of my patients and everyone is very happy with me at my work place. My director published an article about me on their website.I am really very grateful to you for giving me support and helping me achieving my success.Thank you once again.Kind regards"
Dr. Sumita Saha
Dr. Sumita Saha
Alan Roberts is the person who helped me in every step to get in to the system. When I was so upset and I was feeling helpless he just showed me the light at the end of the dark tunnel. After getting a refusal letter from AHPRA, I was about to give up but he encouraged me and gave me hope. I was lucky to have his guidance which put me in my current position. Now, I've started working as a GP, which initially was a big challenge for me. Alan helped me to find a job, gave me a good reference and helped in every step to finalize my registration.It is not enough to say thank you to Alan, it's more than that. He is so kind hearted to help everyone not only his students and I am a good example of that.Thank you Alan and ARIMGSAS for everything.
Dr. Arie Sabastien
Dr. Arie Sabastien
"ARIMGSAS has been providing support throughout the AMC examination preparation by providing study rooms after hours so that students can study until late, even until the morning if you wish so and this has greatly benefit us as we often studied until late. Furthermore, after the exam, Alan and all the tutors are very helpful to clients in guiding them with their CV preparation and being their referees, which is very important for us. I was really fortunate to meet ARIMGSAS team and have been a pleasure to know."
Dr. Baha Yousef
Dr. Baha Yousef
"I'd like to thank the team at ARIMGSAS for their professionalism and continuous support. I found the bridging courses really beneficial in reducing my preparation time for AMC exams. The practical role plays and trial exams, in particular, helped me to identify where I needed to focus my study energy. Alan's extensive networking advice and the variety of workshops to choose from prepared me for my jobs. In addition to my hospital job, I'm currently enjoying the opportunity to teach others."

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The passing of Ian Francis Xavier Stoney
The team at ARIMGSAS are sad to announce the passing away of our friend and esteemed colleague Ian Stoney. Ian was an invaluable member and advisor of our team.
Ian was instrumental in the setting up courses for overseas doctors. He was regarded extremely highly by all those that came in contact with him.
We will miss him greatly and he will always be in our thoughts.
Ian with Alan and Ians wife, Janet

Why choose ARIMGSAS

I would like to welcome you to Alan Roberts IMGs Support & Advisory Services (ARIMGSAS).

My name is Alan Roberts and I have over 30 years of experience in Australian Medical Education. At ARIMGSAS we proudly and competently support all IMGs (IMGs). If you are migrating to Australia as a skilled doctor, we can provide support for all needs to help you gain your registration. We will guide you through every step to support you in achieving your goals.

  • Alan Roberts has been supporting IMG’s for over 30 years
  • We have a very high pass rate
  • We assist our graduates in finding work

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Ph +61 3 9867 3344

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Our Courses Come First

With key courses on offer at frequent intervals all year long, ARIMGSAS put course availability and curriculum first. We have dedicated training facilities in the heart of Melbourne, ensuring our students have ease of access when training with us. The key to good education is to do everything within our power to enable maximum learning, and our pass rates reflect this.

Our Team Supports You

We understand that making the decision to work in another country is no easy choice. We also understand that it is much easier when you can ask someone for help. That’s why at ARIMGSAS we have dedicated staff to help you understand what your requirements are, and provide you with friendly assistance before, during and after your studies with us!

We Use Relevant Learning Material

What your learn is key to your long term success, and at we understand that the industry requirements change from time to time. That’s why we ensure our course material stays up to date and relevant by reviewing our material and learning outcomes regularly, ensuring you have the undergo the best training possible to help you work in Australia.

Our Students Pass

We’re proud of our consistently high pass rate. And we know our students look to us time and time again to ensure they continue to pass all their chosen exams the first time. Our commitment to course content, learning facilities and general student services enable us to give you the best opportunity to pass. If you want to pass, enrol with ARIMGSAS today.