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House Keeping

2nd Hand Books


Anybody who has 2nd hand text books they wish to sell, please let one of our staff members know so they can be added to the 2nd Hand Books Listing at Reception.
If anyone is looking for a book, please ask at reception and if there is a book available, they will be able to point you in the direction of the seller.

Facebook Page

Hey All,
ARIMGSAS now has an official Facebook page for you to post all your photos and stories to.
Join here and start uploading your stories for everyone to read.
Remember to keep an eye on the page as we keep it updated with what’s coming up and there may even be some surprises announced there.
Looking forward to seeing you all there

Internet Upgrade

The Internet upgrade is now complete.

On the evening of Thursday 6th November, the IT folks completed the installation of the third and final Wifi hotspot at ARIMGSAS.

The system should work faultlessly, meaning you should be able to roam around the facility with no problems, but as some devices have more powerful Wifi chips than others, there may be a delay switching from one hotspot to another. As usual, if you find any problems, please report them to a staff member.

Please take into account this doesn’t mean we get unlimited Internet usage like universities, it just means we should be able to handle more traffic.

We will be monitoring the Internet over the next few weeks.

ARIMGSAS Network Support