Want to pursue your dream to practice as a Medical Practitioner in Australia? Alan Roberts International Medical Graduates Support & Advisory Services can help you achieve your goals. ARIMGSAS will assist you during the course and help you in every way possible to achieve your registration as a Medical Practitioner in Australia and work in the Medical Service Delivery Industry.

ARIMGSAS is led by professionals who have more than 30 years of expertise in medical education in Australia. Depending on your need we have specially designed courses and services to assist you.


“I can never fully acknowledge the attention and the guidance that I got from Alan Roberts to help me become a better professional, nonetheless, I am extremely thankful for their help and support on every step of the way, and really appreciate the tremendous amount of time and energy that they have spent in getting me across the line. Thank you so much every one!”
“The tutors are just perfect. They deliberately share their knowledge, skills and experience. During these weeks of intensive preparation, I was delighted to meet many doctors of different academic and ethnical background. We could find a common language to achieve the best exam oriented practice and skills.”
“I would like to thank you once again. I have achieved another success. I have got a very good feedback from all of my patients and everyone is very happy with me at my work place. My director published an article about me on their website.
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I am really very grateful to you for giving me support and helping me achieving my success.
Thank you once again.
Kind regards”
Dishari, Western Region Alcohol & Drug Centre
“I moved to Melbourne an year back just after completing my internship, I had no clue from where to begin with. Thankfully that’s when I found out about ARIMGSAS from a friend.
I attended both MCQ and clinical courses, which no doubt helped me to pass both exams in a short period of time.
We were guided very well with all necessary information including role plays and practice tests. Even after completing courses we were welcome to come in for study sessions and use available facilities which again was of great help.
Also, I had this awesome opportunity to meet so many fantastic people from different walks of life pursing the same journey. Not only we helped each other to prepare for exams, I’m sure we will remain friends long after that.
I’m thankful to Alan, all the tutors and the staff for their guidance and support, and helping us successfully navigate through this challenging exams.
Thank you again

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ARIMGSAS is committed to helping IMGs be prepared to enter the Australian Medical Workforce.

At ARIMGSAS we are proud to build a community where all medical students help each other learn from their personal experiences. ARIMGSAS develops soft skills and prepares IMGs to excel in the medical practice in Australia. ARIMGSAS guides you through the initial stages of your medical career in Australia.

We answer all the questions that will help change the impossible to possible. The entire how, why what, when will be answered by professionals at ARIMGSAS. We provide personalized consulting designed to cater to your individual needs. If you require personal consulting we are here for you.


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Meet the founder

Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts
    Alan brings over 30 years of experience in delivering bridging courses for IMGs. He is passionate about helping skilled Doctor’s work in Australia.