What is Your Pathway?

Below are some of the steps you need to take if you wish to practice in Australia. ARIMGSAS can assist you with each of these as follows. Each IMG will have their own pathway. More information about your career pathway can be found on www.amc.org.au or you can send us an email at admin@imgaustralia.net.au

Steps for IMGsARIMGSAS Supports you as followsWhy ARIMGSAS
Apply for AMC Candidate numberARIMGSAS can assist you with any queries however all information is provided on www.amc.org.auAlan Roberts has been supporting IMG's for over 30 years. And knows the processes to assist
AMC CAT Multiple Choice Questions Examinations (MCQ) ARIMGSAS has specially designed MCQ Preparation Course for all IMGs who are going to sit for AMC CAT MCQ Examination. We have a very high pass rate. Most of our students pass the AMC CAT MCQ exams at their first attempt.
Clinical ExaminationARIMGSAS has specially designed Clinical Preparation Course for all IMGs who are going to sit for AMC Clinical Examination. Again we consistently get a very high pass rate for IMGs sitting Clinical Examinations at their first attempt.
CV PreparationARIMGSAS provides you with assistance in employment and interview preparation, you can contact us on admin@imgaustralia.net.au.
Let us assist you in the pathway for CV preparation, job application and job interview.
Seeking a JobAlan Roberts has extensive contacts with public hospital networks, private hospitals and many medical clinics around Victoria and AustraliaWith his wide network in the Australian Medical Industry, Alan Roberts is often requested to suggest people for vacant positions.

Additional assistance provided on below:

RACGP ExaminationARIMGSAS runs specially designed RACGP Workshops for IMGs who are going to sit for RACGP examinationAlan has specifically assisted students to pass FRACGP assessment and this course is uniquely designed based on this experience; to assist you.
PESCI ExaminationARIMGSAS runs specially designed PESCI Workshops for IMGs who are going to sit for the PESCI examinationAgain because of the high pass rate achieved by our students
Communication SkillsARIMGSAS provides communication skills workshops for IMGs who are going to sit for the AMC examinationWe provide specific training in Communication Skills, based on your level of expertise to assist you in achieving the required standard in the relevant examination.