ARIMGSAS is now an accredited course center for ALS Part 1 by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). Our ALS Workshop now has 40 CAT 1 Points from the RACGP and is valid for four years

Workshop Overview

ARIMGSAS conducts Advanced Life Support (ALS1) Workshop which is accredited by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) and has been designed to assist IMGs in finding work in the current difficult Medical market. Having a certificate of ALS1 increases your chances in finding a job. ALS1 certificate also assists in registration with AHPRA.

Workshop Structure

ARIMGSAS conducts Advanced Life Support (ALS1) Workshop which is accredited by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). This is a one-day (or modular – two half day) course aimed at providing the candidate with the skills and knowledge to manage the patient in the immediate period of crisis. It includes the recognition, assessment and immediate management of the deteriorating patient. Candidates are sent a manual at least two weeks prior to the course to commence preparation for the face-to-face component. This includes those skills for dealing with a cardiac arrest or other medical emergencies in a clinical setting. Included in the course is:
• Recognition, assessment and management of the critically ill patient using a structured ABCDE approach (aiming to prevent cardiac arrest)
• Airway management skills
• Basic Life Support
• Defibrillation skills (Manual and/or AED modes)
• Cardiac arrest management using the ARC ALS Algorithm
• Work as an effective team member in a cardiac arrest
The course can also deliver targeted training needs in a session specific to the candidate group or organisational requirements. It is ideal for those in healthcare with limited or infrequent exposure to crisis events needing advanced life support training.
The courses include core lectures and interactive workshops. Face-to-face teaching is mainly delivered in small groups with hands-on practical skill stations and clinically based simulations.

The awarding of the ALS certificate and CPD Points is dependent on a successful outcome on individual assessment.

Workshop Importance

The ALS certificate is valid for 4 years across Australia and New Zealand. Also this course is accredited by the RACGP for 40 CAT 1 points upon successful completion.

Learning Outcomes

Continuous assessment of candidates occurs throughout the advanced life support courses, including using clinical simulations that allow candidates to demonstrate the core competencies that have been taught on the course. These include airway management, initial assessment and resuscitation and cardiac arrest scenarios.

ALS Dates Apply Online
ALS - 25 September 2016
ALS - 4 October 2016
ALS - 13 October 2016
ALS - 23 October 2016
ALS - 8 November 2016
ALS - 27 November 2016
ALS - 18 December 2016

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Workshop Tutors

All our tutors are Doctors with qualifications in the workshop they are teaching. They are often leaders and experts in their field, who have a passion for education and training and are supportive of IMGs. Many of the tutors have passed through the bridging course and are now Professors, Consultants, Registrars or HMO’s working in Australian Hospitals or Clinics

Workshop Fees

ARIMGSAS works in the best interest of IMGs. We have minimal administration and management staff resulting in less overheads. We attempt to always provide excellent tutors available in the Industry and good learning facilities. Click here for a full listing of our current fees.

Workshop Location

The workshop will be held on the 5th floor at 3 Bowen Crescent, Melbourne 3004 unless advised otherwise.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on +61 3 98673344.
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