This course provides participants with the skills to effectively assess and manage fractures in a Hospital and General Practice context.
This course will include theory on upper limb and lower limb vascular assessment, distal radial fractures, supracondylar fractures, shoulder dislocations, ankle and Hip fractures and practical knowledge, skills in assessment and application of scaphoid, colles, ankle, Hip back slabs and full casts.

Workshop Importance

At the completion of this ARIMGSAS Fracture Management Workshop participants would be expected to have gained further knowledge on the different types Fracture and its Management.
On attending ARIMGSAS Fracture Management you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Learning Outcomes

This practical workshop will provide participants with valuable skills and knowledge on Fracture Management

Fracture Management Date:
Fracture Management - 15 September

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Workshop Tutors

All our tutors are Doctors with qualifications in the workshop they are teaching. They are often leaders and experts in their field, who have a passion for education and training and are supportive of IMGs. Many of the tutors have passed through the bridging course and are now Professors, Consultants, Registrars or HMO’s working in Australian Hospitals or Clinics

Workshop Fees

ARIMGSAS works in the best interest of IMGs. We have minimal administration and management staff resulting in less overheads. We attempt to always provide excellent tutors available in the Industry and good learning facilities. Click here for a full listing of our current fees.

Workshop Location

The workshop will be held on the 5th floor at 3 Bowen Crescent, Melbourne 3004 unless advised otherwise.
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