The Suturing and Wound Management Workshop covers topics on Wound evaluation as to type of wound, complications and different wound management. There will be introductory presentations on the different suturing needles and techniques. After demonstrations of the suturing technique by the facilitator, participants get to practice their skill with the feedback from the facilitator.
There will also topics of:

  • Digital Blocks
  • Drainage of a Paronychia Abscess
  • Diagnosis
  • Suturing / Knot tieing – The correct way to tie off sutures. The different times to use Vertical Mattress Knots v Horizontal Mattress Knots.
  • Lacerations – Suturing a laceration surgically
  • Flap


Workshop Structure

The Suturing and Wound Management Workshop is a one day workshop (approximately 7 hours).
The first part is theoretical discussion on different topics related to wound suturing.
Following the theoretical discussion will be a demonstration by the tutor
The second part will be hands on practice and application of the participant’s suturing skills on a synthetic skin. During the workshop, the participants are usually assessed by the facilitator and are given feedback on their performance.

Workshop Importance

At the completion of the ARIMGSAS Suturing Workshop, participants are given certificate of attendance. Also, the certificate can be helpful when applying for a job in medical fields as it is done here in Australia.

Learning Outcomes

The participant will be able to develop the skills of wound suturing. Also, they will gain further knowledge on wound management and suturing techniques.

Suturing Dates
Suturing - 9 September 2016
Suturing - 28 September 2016
Suturing - 14 December 2016

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Workshop Tutors

All our tutors are Doctors with qualifications in the workshop they are teaching. They are often leaders and experts in their field, who have a passion for education and training and are supportive of IMGs. Many of the tutors have passed through the bridging course and are now Professors, Consultants, Registrars or HMO’s working in Australian Hospitals or Clinics

Workshop Fees

ARIMGSAS works in the best interest of IMGs. We have minimal administration and management staff resulting in less overheads. We attempt to always provide excellent tutors available in the Industry and good learning facilities. Click here for a full listing of our current fees.

Workshop Location

The workshop will be held on the 5th floor at 3 Bowen Crescent, Melbourne 3004 unless advised otherwise.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on +61 3 98673344.
Any inquiries feel free to:

  • email us at admin@imgaustralia.net.au

  • call us on +61 3 98673344

  • add us on Skype: alanimgsas

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