Workshop Overview

For overseas trained doctors , starting work as a Medical professional in Australia can be quite challenging owing to its unique and rich cultural diversity. This 1 day course has been designed to address those challenges and to explore in particular, the gendered, ethnic, cultural and class dimensions that underlie the patterning of disease with special attention to understanding of physical , psychosocial and cultural factors impacting on these conditions to facilitate quality women’s general practice healthcare.

Workshop Structure

It comprises of two modules
1. Theory
2. Clinical teaching
In the first half of the day , there would be interactive learning and discussions about common women’s health issues . This would be followed by clinical teaching sessions including Women’s sensitive examination and Implanon insertion. These clinical sessions are specially designed to develop practical assessment skills of the participants.

Workshop Importance

• This workshop not only helps prepare a doctor for the work place challenges but also plays a role in making them a safe clinician by helping them in recognizing the conditions that need immediate attention and urgent intervention.
• It help doctors in responding to the particular health needs of women associated with their social roles , responsibilities and position and reproductive health needs
• Enhances and polishes the clinical skills
• Provides awareness on different cancer screening programs

Topics Covered

• Well women assessment
• Contraception
• Menopause
• Cancer screening
• Violence against Women
• Sensitive examinations including breast examination, pelvic examinations
• Pap smear
• Implanon insertion

Women's Health Dates
Women's Health -23 July

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Workshop Tutors

All our tutors are Doctors with qualifications in the workshop they are teaching. They are often leaders and experts in their field, who have a passion for education and training and are supportive of IMGs. Many of the tutors have passed through the bridging course and are now Professors, Consultants, Registrars or HMO’s working in Australian Hospitals or Clinics

Workshop Fees

ARIMGSAS works in the best interest of IMGs. We have minimal administration and management staff resulting in less overheads. We attempt to always provide excellent tutors available in the Industry and good learning facilities. Click here for a full listing of our current fees.

Workshop Location

The workshop will be held on the 5th floor at 3 Bowen Crescent, Melbourne 3004 unless advised otherwise.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on +61 3 98673344.
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